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The Danish Breakout King

The Danish Breakout King - The Amazing Life-Story of Carl August Lorentzen - told by his Great Nephew

Author: Jan Patrick Skaarup

ISBN 978-87-93162-23-5


The almost 300 pages about Carl August Lorentzen is a true story about a notorious criminal, who, despite his choice of carrier, was never violent or carried weapons. He was considered as a nice, kind and charming person, who loved to treat women. He was also a talented artist, being an artist should have been his real carrier. However, circumstances from his childhood and other unfortunate events led him into a carrier mostly in conflict with the law, but he was also, funny enough, respected by the police, who called him a gentleman thief. In the book, you will see a large number of photograhps and illustrations, also some examples of his talents as an artist. Today his art is both in the hands of the Horsens State Prison Museum, where he is one of the main attractions, and also scattered over a large number of private homes.

This English version, originally published in Danish, was first released on Amazon in October 2020, both in printed and as an e-book. 

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ISBN Nr. 978-87-93162-23-5

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